About ACFC
Atlanta CFC is an independent church under the Lordship of Christ. All of us, in our church, have been greatly influenced by the teachings of Zac Poonen that have challenged us to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, to live a godly life under the new covenant and to be built-up together as an expression of Christ’s Body. The elders of the church look to Zac Poonen for guidance in church-related matters.

A Brief History
In December 2005, three families decided to meet together once a month for a time of prayer. We all had a desire to be true disciples of Lord Jesus Christ. During our meetings we would listen to the messages of Zac Poonen. After sometime God led us to start a new covenant church and gave us a spirit of unity and we started meeting every Sunday in our homes as a church. Since then the Lord has added many families to the church.

Our church is led by a plurality of elders. No elder is paid for his work. This is NOT because we feel that such financial support is unScriptural, but because we desire to stand apart from the bad testimony that many Christian workers have had in the matter of finances.

About Zac Poonen
Zac Poonen is a former Indian Naval Officer who has been serving the Lord for more than 50 years, making disciples and building the Church of the Lord Jesus in various parts of India and abroad. He lives in Bangalore, India. To know more about him and his teachings go to www.cfcindia.com.

Please Note

Though we are an independent Church, we are blessed to be able to use the building facilities of the First Baptist Church in Lilburn. We do not meet in the main sanctuary but rather on the 3rd floor which you can enter into through the back or sides of the building, not through the main sanctuary. Please do call one of the elder's number below to let us know you are going to visit us so that we can assist you.

Sabu Athimattathil: (770) 401-2713
Jaimon Joseph: (404) 769-7689